Its real life,what I really means…


Food,pleasure enjoyment  is available to anyone and everyone; IIM-A
education to only a select few. Similarly bodily pleasures –
food, sleep, sex and show of strength – are available to all
species of life; divine joys to humans alone.
Just as the non-performing IIM-A student is expelled and loses
the chance for a bright career, spiritually lackadaisical souls
are expelled from human bodies back to animal bodies,
where they have no access to spiritual bliss. And just as an
irresponsible IIM-A student will never feel satisfied and always
feel guilty, similarly spiritually irresponsible humans never
feel fulfilled and always feel a vacuum in their hearts. The
Bhagavad-gita (16.23) therefore declares that a godless
materialist finds happiness neither in the next life, nor in
this. On the other hand, just as the IIM-A student who applies
himself to studies soon experiences the refined pleasure of
learning, those humans who apply themselves to chanting
the names of God soon relish the sublime pleasure of
devotion. Let us therefore wisely reject the lure of selfdeluding
enjoyment and fully utilize our human potential to
attain sublime happiness in this life and the next